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The Art of Fugue by ZviDance

The Art of Fugue by ZviDance

THE ART OF FUGUE is an evening-length, multimedia dance performance. It is a collaboration between Artistic Director, Zvi Gotheiner; eight dancers; Composer, Scott Killian; Lighting Designer, Mark London; and Media Designer, Joshua Higgason. Gotheiner utilizes the seminal Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Art of Fugue as a point of departure to conceive a choreographic exploration that highlights the individual contribution of each of his creative team. In music, a fugue is a contrapuntal composition in which a short melody is introduced by one voice and successively taken up by others. Gotheiner will introduce this compositional structure as a metaphor to portray a non-hierarchical society. Killian integrates electronic original music with Bach, anchoring the work in contemporary culture. Higgason’s live and pre-recorded video projection adds an additional “voice” to the complexity of the canonic composition. ZVIDANCE Artistic Director Zvi Gotheiner Board of Directors Wayne Adams, Paul Calendrillo, Don Christiansen, Zvi Gotheiner, Heidi Gutman, Florence Packman, Lise Rode Company Manager Jacob Goodhart Administrative Support Alex Biegelson, Annie Heath, Gail SiegaI, Kyle Netzeband Marketing Associate Loganne Bond Dancers Alison Clancy Evan Fisk Caitlin Javech Matilda Mackey Doron Perk Nat Wilson Ching Ching Wong Anson Zingelberg PERFORMANCE ENSEMBLE Choreography by Zvi Gotheiner in collaboration with the dancers Music Excerpt from J. S. Bach’s The Art of Fugue performed by Emerson String Quartet with Original score by Scott Killian Video Design by Josh Higgason Lighting Design by Mark London Costume Design by Gabrielle Grywalski
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Arts ON AIR NYC Presents Higher Ground Festival

Arts ON AIR NYC Presents Higher Ground Festival

Higher Ground Festival presents “are you carrying more than you need?” by Evan Fisk, Caitlin Javech, and Will Stackpole. This virtual live performance is in partnership with Arts ON AIR. The Higher Ground Premieres Performance is taking place over two weeks, presenting five new interdisciplinary collaborations by HG Artists. This is HGF’s 5th year of being a notable uptown arts festival. The mission of HGF is to bring together Northern Manhattan based artists to network and create interdisciplinary collaborations which are presented free to the community. Please consider donating to Higher Ground Festival. Due to Covid-19 the organization was unable to host their annual fundraiser this year. All donations are greatly appreciated no matter how big or small! You may donate via our PayPal Money Pool:, via Venmo: @artsonairnyc, or Google Pay: “are you carrying more than you need?” Evan Fisk, Caitlin Javech, and Will Stackpole This piece, adapted from a duet made in 2017, is an exploration of the differing ways that grief or loss can impact an individual. The cloth, functioning as a third body in the work, becomes an expression of a burden, a veil, a lost loved one, or an impediment for connection. When do we as people recognize that certain memories we choose to hold on to, are holding us back from living our most vibrant life? How can we recognize this in others and within to help to let go of what we no longer need to carry? If we openly explore the past trauma, grief, and heavy memories that are held in the body, how do we face and learn to free ourselves of these burdens? The soundscape will rise and fall synchronously with the emotional evolution of the work. This soundscape will include compositions by Will Stackpole, creating a dreamlike atmosphere, supporting the choreographic development from beginning to end. This will invite the audience through the screen and into the world we are creating. Tune in to all the 2020 HG Premieres! HIGHER GROUND FESTIVAL 2020 5:30PM EST Oct. 3rd "Howl" DoubleTake Dance and Zara Lawler Oct. 7th "Communication, in Limbo, Spaces of Waiting, Waiting Spaces, Entangled, Quantum, Beings/Being Quantum" Matt Burkett, Da'Von Doane, Sloka Ivegar, Chris Kaczmarek Oct. 10th “Ignition” Emily Erekson and Maya Kite Oct. 14th "are you carrying more than you need?" Evan Fish, Caitlin Javech, Will Stackpole Oct. 17th One for the Ages Julia Bengtsson and Neil Rolnick If you miss a performance, head to the Higher Ground Festival YouTube for all past presentations of this series. Arts ON AIR endeavors to bring back the opportunity of live performances safely to NYC-based artists and their audiences, as well as audiences around the world, during the time of Covid through outdoor rooftop productions and livestreaming. The creators of Arts ON AIR are Hudson Heights couple Derek Ratzenboeck and Temple Kemezis. To watch and keep informed, interested audiences can subscribe to us on YouTube (Arts ON AIR NYC) and follow us on Instagram (Arts ON AIR), and they may also email us directly to be added to our Facebook event invite list:
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