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JavechMovement's mission is to guide a diverse range of clients through consistent mindful movement sessions, which will support overall wellness both on and off the mat. JavechMovement utilizes a contemporary anatomy-focused Pilates-based training style that integrates ideas and modalities from a range of movement practices, tailoring to each client's individual needs. Whether you are looking for healing and rehabilitation, or challenge and strength building, Caitlin will guide you through breath-filled mindful sessions that tailor specifically to your needs. JavechMovement is currently based in LA and offers one-on-one training and small group classes both in-studio, in-home, and online via Zoom.

Private Training


55-minute Pilates-based private or semi-private duet sessions on equipment in studio 


55-minute private Pilates-based mat sessions held on Zoom 


personalized 55-minute private Pilates based mat sessions held in the comfort of your home


  • 3 private Pilates-based sessions on equipment

    55 min

    250 US dollars
  • 3 Semi-private Pilates-based sessions on equipment

    55 min

    285 US dollars
  • 3 Private Pilates-based sessions on Zoom

    55 min

    225 US dollars
  • 3 private sessions in the comfort of your own home

    55 min

    375 US dollars


In-Studio Privates:

one-off session


5-session package


10-session package


In-home Privates:

one-off session


5-session package:


10-session package:




Virtual Privates on Zoom:

one-off session


5-session package


10-session package



In-Studio Semi-Privates:

one-off session

$150 ($75 per person)

5-session package

 $700 ($350 per person)

10-session package

 $1,300 ($650 per person)

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