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'S U B M E R G E D' 


Creating connections between performance and climate risks 

by Caitlin Javech & Dominick Dusseau

A note from the lead artist:

My work is always a result of a myriad of seemingly disparate sources of inspiration or ideas being brought together to create something larger. 'S U B M E R G E D'  is driven by the work of visual artist Calida Garcia Rawles displayed here, the warning and ominous sound of Europe's age-old church bells, and our varied human responses to the weight and severity of the climate crisis.

The work will be developed in close collaboration with dancers AnnMarie Arcuri and Chloe Crenshaw, composer Tyler Sanders, scenic designer Jane Hamor, and climate scientist Dominick Dusseau from Woodwell Research Center studying extreme precipitation and flooding. 


The work aims to express a diverse range of physiological and emotional responses to the reality of increased frequency and severity of physical hazard of flooding that will put many communities at risk. Through this site, we aim to build a direct  connection between the performance and insight into the impact of climate change on flooding.





This website was created to build a bridge between the dance installation and the science it is connected to. We welcome you to engage with this textual and visual narrative after seeing 'S U B M E R G E D' to gain insight on the effects of climate change on flooding with an informed perspective. 




F L O O D I N G 


A visual and textual narrative on how it all works

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