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A Few Premieres at Arts on Site 

"Javech’s Unravel took quite a tonal and stylistic turn from Perk’s piece, with percussion and natural sounds bringing a primal feel. The movement was also more shaped, precise, geometric. Yet there was a rootedness and sense of confident daring in the dancers’ performance quality that enhanced that primal feel — with shaking of limbs, quick jumps, and unconventional shapes. It was all fresh and enticing. In the same way, the following solo brought with it an electronica score with a mechanistic feeling in the electronica (original composition by Max Jaffe). It enhanced something like that same quality in the movement — with repetitive and geometric movement vocabulary, bound movement quality, and rapid speed of the movement. "

"In another stylistic 180 degree turn, Javech danced a mysterious and foreboding solo — what once was, is not now. The score (“Unfold” by Skúli Sverrison and Gyða Valtýsdóttir) again met qualities in the movement to create an exciting world of its own on the stage. Javech suddenly shifted into very fast movement, in tension with the slowly meandering notes of the score — thrilling in its unexpected quality. As elsewhere in the show, movement vocabulary was full of ingenuity, being seemingly the fruits of productive exploration and risk-taking. "

-Kathryn Boland at Dance Informa

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