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I love the patient, clear, concise instruction Caitlin brings to each of her sessions. It makes me feel, even as a beginner, that it is okay to make a mistake and keep going. It is absolutely apparent that you are being taught by someone with a lot of experience in instruction as well as her own pilates practice. I felt confident with Caitlin's instruction to explore my body's movement in new ways and look inward towards my posture, my body's tension, and my breath.



Amidst the challenging time of the pandemic, Caitlin felt called to create an online community engagement and mindful pilates training platform for artists. Read how Caitlin's innovative program helped artists stay grounded and strong during the most uncertain of times, through consistent supportive teaching and establishing a positive dynamic online community for personal growth. 

Working with Caitlin has sincerely changed the way I think about my body’s functionality. My intention was to approach this program as a pedestrian first, dancer second; and the structure of Caitlin’s program supported this completely. Caitlin has such a deep understanding of biomechanics and uses that knowledge to successfully guide clients with clear cues and helpful imagery.  After just one week of instructional videos, group classes, and a private with Caitlin, I was feeling small shifts in how my mind and body work together to create more efficient and healthy movement patterns. The consistency of the program allowed for steady progress and  straightforward transitions when applying these principles to my dancing. This program is so much more than 8 weeks of training; it is a way to reinvent your mind & body connection while continuing to grow as an advanced movement professional. There is no better person to thoughtfully guide you through this process than Caitlin!

- Miriam Gittens (Ballet BC)


My goal was to get stronger and have a consistent daily pilates practice. I really wanted to get to know my body with grace and gratitude and Caitlin’s program helped me with that in so many ways.


- Amanda


I"t felt very indulgent and sacred to have to work on my own body, especially during such tumultuous times personally, professionally, globally, etc. I learned so much about how to carry myself through movement, and I also got many ideas about how to communicate with my own clients. I feel like my "home base" position in all movement forms (modern dance, weight training, cardio, etc) has shifted, and I come to these modalities with a wider and more expansive understanding of my body"


Caitlin's program is an amazing deep dive into mind/body awareness. For beginners and seasoned movers alike, it takes your attention inward and allows you to organize your body functionally. Working with her privately is a real treat too...she gives you exactly what you need and teaches you how to work from the inside out.

- alison

I felt myself getting stronger with each session. Learning more about my body and the intricacies of my own body movement rhythms. Having the individual attention was key for me to be able to translate my personalized corrections while doing the pre recorded videos. It also gave me extra tools to add to my own warm up & cool down.

- amanda

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